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The inspiration behind LimosaLimosa
Ariane en Leonard

Ariane van Notten

Realisation of a dream

LimosaLimosa is more than a hospitable place in the midst nature of Overijssel; it is the realisation of a dream that has long lived in my heart and mind. Through my own experience with retreats in the Netherlands and abroad, I have come to know the power of pausing, space and compassion. I would like to pass on this experience to others with LimosaLimosa - a place for pausing, peace and compassion. Many of us need it, so that they can appreciate life better again, with more zest for life and harmony.

A beautiful journey within

Partly thanks to regular practice of various forms of yoga, daily meditation, and various retreat experiences, I have increasingly connected with the trinity of body, heart and mind. I experience more peace in my life and can deal better with life challenges, small and big. Acceptance and gratitude have become a permanent part of me, in addition to compassion, zest for life and creativity.

Education and experience

In recent years I have retrained myself as a life coach and Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner (Magnolia Coaching & Support). To this end, I followed the Integral Coaching course at the Consciousness Academy and the Intuitive Systemic Coaching and Systemic Drafting (family constellations) courses at the Hylke Bonnema Academy. I also followed the intensive international 54-week Compassionate Inquiry training from Gabor Mate (the Wisdom of Trauma), followed by another year and a half of the Compassionate Inquiry Mentorship program, for further depth in this psychotherapeutic way of working. I also followed the training courses 'Suicide Attention for professionals' and 'Narcissism for professionals'.

I followed various (teacher) training courses in the field of mind & body: Yin (Yagoy Yoga), Nidra (Sarvanga Flow), Restorative (Judith and Lizzie Lasater), Breathing for Professionals (2 days; Mr. Breath) and Healing Tao ( Eva van der Plas). In the field of meditation and mindfulness I followed training courses: AYP meditation (Tristan Rose), Essential Meditation (Jan Storms); and the 8 week Mindfulness training by John Kabat Zin. In the fall of 2024, I will start training to become a certified Shinrin Yoku (forest bathing) guide (Natascha Boudewijn).

I am in favor of non-violent communication: not hurting others or ourselves through careful choice of words. To this end, I followed various Non Violent Communication (Connect2Life by Yoram Moseszoon) and Living Compassion (Robert Gonzales method) training courses for three years. Participation in peer groups and authenticity circles has taught me how to lead group discussions in a safe environment.

A Versatile Background

I am the mother of three adult children and the youngest of four sisters. After studying political science in Leiden and international relations in the United States, I worked in the public relations and advertising world. I worked at a publishing house and published my own restaurant guide. I am the author of the book Bye, I'm Going to Get Freedom (Prometheus). LimosaLimosa is the next chapter in my life, which I hope many will benefit from.

Gratitude and Collaboration

The creation of LimosaLimosa was possible thanks to the help of many, for which I am deeply grateful. Special thanks go to two special men in my life, whose support was and is essential for realizing this unique place.

The Symbolism of the Godwit

LimosaLimosa, named after the Latin name for the godwit, symbolizes for me the direction towards a place of peace, space and reflection. And healing. Originally, North Holland was the intended location for this retreat centre, the breeding ground of the godwit. Life took me to the east, where LimosaLimosa eventually took root and continues to grow and flourish from now on.

LimosaLimosa impressie 60

Leonard de Mol van Otterloo

More than twenty years of Mindfulness

The year 2004 had started with a great personal loss. I decided to take part in a retreat in France that summer. I was immersed in mindfulness for a week, which turned out to be exactly what I needed. I also saw other retreatants benefit from a week of silence, meditation and reflection. What struck me was that mindfulness was not yet mainstream in the Netherlands. I promised myself - at the end of this special retreat week - to make mindfulness my profession. This is how my career as a mindfulness trainer started. Twenty years later, it is time for the next step: creating a retreat center:  LimosaLimosa, a place for pausing, peace and compassion. Through LimosaLimosa I can pass on to others what has shaped me so much and what I am truly grateful for.

Teaching Mindfulness and Self-Compassion

I followed the Mindfulness Teacher Trainer Course at the Institute for Mindfulness and the Teacher Training Course in Mindfulness Self-Compassion with Christopher Germer personally. I subsequently taught these training programs for more than ten years. I have given group training to adults in the The Hague region and through the Center for Mindfulness in Amsterdam. I belong to the first generation of mindfulness teachers in the Netherlands.

Making Mindfulness and Compassion my own

Mindfulness and Compassion have enriched my life with self-insight. It has brought me closer to the values ​​that are important to me: being better connected to myself and others, having more courage to accept and face life's challenges; and to approach life and others in a kind way. This helps me to deal with the ups and downs of life better and  experience more balance.

A 2500 year old source

First I came into contact with mindfulness and compassion, and subsequently with its source: Buddhism. The Buddhist view of life appeals to me. The central place that suffering occupies and at the same time shows the way out of it. I have completed various courses to deepen my Buddhist thought, including the Dhamma Deepening Course and recently the Mindfulness Mentorship Training program led by Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield. Between 2024 and 2026 I will take the Dhamma Deepening Course for the second time.

Two cultures

A striking aspect of my life is that I have lived and worked in both the Netherlands and Scotland. This can be explained by a Dutch father and a Scottish mother. I studied law in the Netherlands and then criminology and social work in Scotland. After my studies, I fulfilled various roles for many years in healthcare. I worked with juvenile delinquents, adults with intellectual disabilities, the homeless and drug addicts and also for many years as a social worker 'for the elderly' in Scotland. I was a juvenile judge in Scotland and back in the Netherlands I worked for the Dutch Child Protection Council. My wife was Scottish, with her I have a wonderful daughter, who also enjoys these two cultures.

Further training

In recent years I have followed the following courses: Coaching course (School for Coaching); Dhamma Deepening Course (Joost van den Heuvel Rijnders & Frits Koster); International Sivananda Yoga Teachers Training (Sivananda); Nonviolent Communication (Connect2Life); Dealing with Dying (National Expertise Center for Dying); Teacher Training Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Cancer (Trish Bartley); Gabor Maté's Compassionate Inquiry (Professional annual training); Mindfulness Mentorship Training (Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield).

From going on Retreats to giving Retreats

Over the past decades I have gone on retreat almost every year. Going on retreat always offers me the ideal environment to make deeper contact with myself. Going on a retreat is a special gift that has ever come my way and has actually positively influenced the quality of my life. Now a new chapter has begun to pass on this gift together with Ariane through LimosaLimosa, a place for peace, space and reflection. May this benefit many.


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