LimosaLimosa Guest

Recover for a longer period of time as a LimosaLimosa Guest

For whom?

Are you going through a difficult time, do you want to recover from burnout, illness, divorce, or another difficult challenge in your life? Do you need peace and space for a longer period of time to recharge your batteries? Then you can move into our so-called "rural apartment" for up to a month. This self-sufficient space is located in an outbuilding on our property and has a small living area with kitchenette and two bedrooms with private bathrooms. Or, if you wish, you can sleep in one of our 10 bedrooms in the farmhouse. You are like a guest in the sense that you can help out in the LimosaLimosa retreat center, but it is certainly not necessary.

If it helps your recovery to work in our vegetable garden, garden, feed the animals, collect eggs, bake a cake, set the table, cut vegetables, then you are very welcome. This can support you in your return to 'normal' life, if necessary; or when starting a new chapter on your life path. We are happy to discuss with you what you need to be able to leave LimosaLimosa on a more informed basis.

Participate in the LimosaLimosa Retreat program

You can participate in the LimosaLimosa Retreat retreat program, or participate in parts of it. You can provide your own meals; and/or eat with us or our guests. All this in consultation, we are happy to discuss what you need. You can use our swimming pool, the hot water tub and the studio. You can sign up for a massage (additional costs).

No therapeutic center

We would like to emphasize for your well-being that LimosaLimosa is not a therapeutic center, we offer a place for peace, space and reflection. If you need extra psychological support, continue to seek it out yourself in your usual way. See also our general terms and conditions.

LimosaLimosa Guest accommodation costs

The costs are 100 euros per night based on the above. If this amount is a problem for you, you can contact us. See further general terms and conditions.

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