LimosaLimosa Retreat

Multi-day retreat in nature

For whom?

A multi-day retreat in nature for those who wish to retreat, but do not want to be alone. A safe, quiet place where everyone can be themselves, where nothing has to be done or has to be done, where you can reflect and reflect.


LimosaLimosa Retreat is for a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 12 people. You are invited to follow a program that includes meditation, mindfulness, and exercise exercises. You don't need to have any experience in this.

Social leave, digital detox, time for yourself

Time for yourself

In addition, there is a lot of free time within our retreat program: you can rest, sleep, walk, cycle, or canoe in the summer months. Or simply muse, looking across the meadows. Our studio contains sketch pads, painter's panels, pencils, paint and brushes, as well as clay with which you can express yourself creatively. There are notebooks to journal in. You can make an appointment for a massage and conversation.

Eating & drinking & sleeping

There are attractive living areas where you can curl up on the couch. Coffee, tea and water are always available, LimosaLimosa is an alcohol-free place. You will receive vegetarian meals, adjustment to vegan and gluten-free is possible. You can eat your meals in a place of your choice, with a plate on your lap in the (vegetable) garden if the weather permits, or in front of one of the stoves or fireplaces. Or you find a table somewhere to sit at. You eat in silence, turning off the social button for a few days. Experience shows that this contributes to relaxation. You have your own small, nice bedroom, with your own bathroom. Choose a room that suits you. LimosaLimosa is a smoke-free place, with the exception of a designated area in the parking lot.

The word “retreat” means a period of withdrawal and seclusion.


We have few staff. This means that we, Leonard and Ariane, do the shopping and provide the food ourselves. If there are enough guests, we will ask a chef to prepare the meals. We sometimes ask each guest, on a voluntary basis, to make a small investment of time for the ins and outs of LimosaLimosa. We notice that these so-called karma activities can often be meditative or healing, and satisfying.

No therapeutic center

We would like to emphasize for your well-being that LimosaLimosa is not a therapeutic center; we offer a place for peace, space and reflection. If you need extra psychological support, continue to seek it out yourself in your usual way. If you are unsure whether this is the right place for you, please contact us first. See also our general terms and conditions.

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