LimosaLimosa Rental

Location rental for groups from 6 people to 24 people

For whom?

LimosaLimosa is an ideal place for groups of 6 to 12 people, including guidance. In addition, 12 camping spots can be rented during the camping season. LimosaLimosa rents to third parties who are looking for a warm and comfortable place for their own program that fits within the mission of LimosaLimosa, a place for peace, space and reflection.

Available spaces

10 bedrooms

Limosa Limosa has 10 single bedrooms with a spacious bed (mattress 120 or 140) in the farmhouse. Each bedroom has its own (small) bathroom with shower; some rooms have a shower-bath combination.

Country apartment with 2 bedrooms

There is also a country apartment with 2 single bedrooms and a small living room with kitchenette. This apartment is ideal for the companion(s).

12 camping pitches

Our mini campsite can accommodate 12 tents or campers between March 15 and October 31. In the 'wet room' there are 4 showers and 4 toilets.

Living areas

The group can use a large living room with an adjacent bright conservatory. Also a well-equipped kitchen, with an adjacent dining room. There is a table in both the living room and the dining room that can accommodate (barely) 14 people. You must provide your own meals. We can recommend caterers. If a caterer/cook is staying on site, this person will sleep in one of the above-mentioned sleeping areas.


Het Houten Huys has a (yoga) room with dimensions of 8 by 12 m2. There is a small hall with a kitchenette for tea. There are yoga mats and props available for 14 people.

A beamer can be arranged on request. There is a flipchart.

Outdoor facilities

The use of the garden, the hot water tub, the studio and the massage room is included.

Important to know

LimosaLimosa is a smoke-free place, with the exception of a designated area in the parking lot. LimosaLimosa is a drug-free place. No alcohol is served and/or consumed. Psychedilics, in any form, may not be offered and/or consumed. Read more about our house rules in the general terms and conditions for rental.

We are happy to work and think along with you

We are happy to collaborate with related organizations that want to organize retreats or training with us, in line with the mission of LimosaLimosa, a place for peace, space and reflection. We know details are important. We are happy to think along. If applicable, we will include you in our booking agenda if desired.

Inquire about the possibilities

    Minimum and maximum number of people, including trainers (we have 12 bedrooms; our campsite always has room for a campervan; during the camping season there are a total of 12 camping pitches)

    Period/date that you want to give the retreat/training

    We know that psychedelics can contribute to healing, yet at LimosaLimosa we do not allow psychedelics in any form, the same applies to alcohol consumption.


    An overview of the data available

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